Kids’ Court Volunteers

This semester Kids’ Court has such an incredible team volunteers!  I have been so impressed by the level of dedication and commitment demonstrated by our volunteers.  Our law student teachers over at Rose Park have taken our curriculum and brought it to life.  More importantly, the elementary school students at Rose Park seem to be responding really well to consistency and creativity that the law students teachers are bringing to Kids’ Court each week.

The volunteers at Kids’ Court Park City are also quite remarkable.  Due to the inconvenience of getting up to Park City each week, we had to get creative to find volunteers to help teach up in Park City.  Sister Mary Ann of Holy Cross Ministries suggested that we team up with the Latinos in Action, a group of socially pro-active high school students from Park City High School.  We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to work with such an enthusiastic group off teenagers.  We also loved the idea of mentoring relationships between law students, high school students, and our elementary school students, so we jumped at Sister Mary Ann’s suggestion.  Last week at the first Kids’ Court session I met our four high school student volunteers.  These girls were impressive!  All four girls were attentive to the elementary school students and jumped right into the leadership roles I asked them to take on.  The elementary school students also seemed to be excited to gain insight from the high schoolers.  Furthermore, I am thrilled by the girls’ level of commitment; I have received word that the girls left Kids’ Court and began to brainstorm ways to address some of the issues that came up that first class!  I cannot wait to see what these ambitious high school students bring to Kids’ Court Park City all year.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!