Rose Park Field Trip to the Law School

Wednesday November 2nd marked our annual law school field trip!  The kids were so excited to see where their teachers go to school, and have a pizza party, in no particular order.  The kids arrived at the law school and met in our reading room.  After a tour of the law school, the kids were greeted by Associate Dean Reyes Aguilar and the Dean of the law school Hiram Chodosh in the Sutherland Moot Courtroom.  Most of the kids had never been in a courtroom and they were so excited to see the chairs where the jury sits!  The Deans had prepared a trial activity for the kids, but first, they had to accuse one of the students of a constitutional violation.  In one of the first lessons, the kids write their own constitution, so the Deans cleverly coaxed one of students into violating their own rules.  Then the Deans sent that student straight up to a Court of Appeals.  They split the kids into groups and discussed arguments for each side.  The kids were then asked to stand before judges (three of their fellow students) and argue their best case.  It was so great to see the kids stand up and confidently argue their position.  What a great field trip!

Rose Park kids and the Kids' Court Partners at the S.J.Q. School of Law