Park City Mock Trial

Last week marked the end of our Foundations Unit at both Park City and Rose Park Kids’ Courts!  The mock trial is the capstone of the Foundations Unit because the students are required to incorporate all of the knowledge they have learned about the court system while having a great time playing the roles of a judge, lawyer, defendant or plaintiff!  The trial is based on the children’s story of Goldy Locks and the Three Bears and Gold E. Locks is being sued for bad manners.  The students are given scripts and read aloud with one another as the lawyers examine Gold E. Locks and her mother, as well as each one of the three bears: Mom A. Bear, Pop A. Bear and Babe E. Bear.  We have several props for the students that they admit into evidence such as a bowl of porridge and a pillow covered in yellow hair.  This lesson is so much fun for both the students and the law student teachers who get to watch the scene.  We end the lesson without a script for the verdict– the students must use the evidence presented by both sides to come to a unanimous decision about Goldy’s guilt.  The students at Park City were divided, but ultimately found Gold E. guilty of bad manners.  Her sentence?  Making porridge for the bears for the next three years!

The Honorable Jazmin

Mom A. Bear Under Oath

Gold E. Locks Swearing-In

Counsel for the Locks' (the defendants)

Pop A. Bear Takes the Stand

The Jury Considers the Facts