Happy Thanksgiving from Kids’ Court!

Thanksgiving Day is an opportunity to reflect on the joy and many blessings in one’s life and express those thoughts of gratitude to those for which we are grateful.  I am thankful for the students in Kids’ Court who have affected me profoundly with their excitement for life and learning.  The students’ joy is infectious and one cannot help but leave a lesson feeling enthusiastic about the goals of our project and the future of our country.  I am thankful to the partners who are the heart of this project and lead with passion and a vision of a better world.  I am thankful for Kids’ Court.  BG


Some other thoughts of gratitude for Kids’ Court:

“Kids’ Court is the most enjoyable Pro Bono volunteer opportunity available at S.J. Quinney College of Law.  Prior to Kid’s Court, I did not think I was good with kids. However, Kids’ Court has softened me up. And for this I am grateful.” — Michelle, Law Student


“I’m thankful for the ability to teach kids stuff I’m learned.  It’s not everyday that I get to feel like everything I learn in law school is useful but showing kids they have the ability to be an active participant in the government is really encouraging as a law school – that all of education isn’t being done in vain.” — Shehnoor, Law Student


“Kids Court is an amazing opportunity to help shape the lives of the younger generation.  I have gained so much from my time with the children, teaching them about our Constitution and the court system.  Once a week, I get to forget all about the pressures of law school and recall why I decided to become an attorney, to help others!” — Karina, Law Student


“I am thankful for Kids’ Court because, I have the chance to work with a program that empowers as much as it instructs, emboldened by a mission that inspires service, particularly to the most vulnerable.  I have the chance to work with amazing, dedicated, caring, and courageous individuals who are committed to the future of our community and our state.  The truth is, it is just plain fun.”– Dr. Theresa Martinez, Founding Partner


“I am grateful for the renewed, continuing, and developing relationships of Kids’ Court, all of which are working for common goals of respect, education, and service.  I am thankful for the abiding love for the rule of law and hope in civic engagement that we share, teach, and practice in our Kids’ Court efforts.  I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a program, like Kids’ Court, which inspires the best parts of who we are to be like the children we teach – passionate, curious, interested, and hopeful.” –Michelle Oldroyd, Founding Partner


“I’m thankful for people who care enough to get involved.  I’m thankful for the infectious energy of youth.  I am thankful for green chile chicken enchiladas.” –Reyes Aguilar, Founding Partner