Kids’ Court Holiday Party!

Since we reached the end of the Foundations Unit, all we had left to do for this semester’s Kids’ Court was have a party!  This week at Kids’ Court the students’ semester of hard work was celebrated by cake and games.  The students at Rose Park really enjoy playing Simon Says so there was plenty of that, but we introduced another game to them: the Banana Olympics!  Much like a relay race, the Banana Olympics have relays that all include a team banana.  The students were split into teams of 8 and had to complete the Banana Toss (throwing the banana back and forth across the room), the Banana Shuffle (shuffling across the room with the banana held between the knees); the Banana Balance (walking across the room as fast as possible with the banana balanced on your head) among other events.  The students had a great time at the Banana Olympics, eating cake and having a party with their friends and the law student teachers.  What a great party to end the semester!

Banana Olympics -- the Banana Balance!

Cake time!

Got milk? Or is that a milk mustache?

Me and the students after we had our fill of cake