Kids’ Court Public Service Announcements

This week we followed up on the previous lesson’s emphasis on Civic Participation and the importance of voting and the students were asked to think about what they would change in their communities and the United States if they were elected president.  After we brainstormed as a group, I asked the students to create a collage Public Service Announcement to present their platform for change.  I gave the students a few examples of collages that I had made, including one entitled: No More Hunger.  This collage had pictures of families and a bowl of spaghetti and sparked a conversation about homelessness and people who cannot afford food in our community.  The students were really excited to begin work on their own Public Service Announcements and came up with some incredibly moving pictures.


Evelyn created a PSA to campaign that all people help each other.

Evelyn Q's "Help People PSA"


Alejandro created his campaign platform on the importance of exercise.  He found plenty of pictures that he liked, so created a double-sided PSA.

Alejandro's "Exercise is Cool" PSA: part one

Alejandro's "Exercise is Cool" PSA: part two


Roxanna’s campaign was to guarantee equal pay for all people.

Roxanna's "Equal Pay for All People" PSA


Evelyn wants all people to learn to eat healthfully.  Her campaign platform was to encourage eating the fruits and vegetables instead of burgers and chili cheese fries.

Evelyn's "Eat Healthy" PSA


Alejandro B and I had a long discussion on bullying when he was discussing his idea for a campaign platform PSA.  Alejandro is a shy student who vowed to make sure no one gets bullied in his presence.  There is text in pencil underneath the glued on words: “No Bully” and it reads: “I want no Bullying because bullys will hurt studints.  Thats what I think no bullying in school or outside or at home.”

Alejandro A's "No Bullying" PSA


Lastly, the whole class got together to create a “No Deportation” PSA.  Several students were gravitating towards this theme, but none of them felt comfortable creating it by themselves.  Together, our community talked about some of the sad experiences of the students and their families who have been personally affected by deportation.  The images and words that the students compiled were very powerful and our discussion was one I will never forget.

Kids' Court Community "No Deportation" PSA