The Real Story of the Big Bad Wolf

Kids’ Court 2011-2012 is coming to a close.  There are several more lessons before the Kids’ Court Graduation, including a final mock trial.  In order to prepare the students for the final production, the students needed to try out for roles and show the law student volunteers that they could be dramatic and act.  As a group, we came up with motions to demonstrate key words from the story of the Three Little Pigs.  The students were told to conduct the action whenever it was read aloud from the story.  Since this is Kids’ Court, and we’re learning about the law and the legal profession, we added a legal spin!  The students were read to versions of the Three Little Pigs: the Pigs’ side and the Wolf’s side.   The students learned that the Pigs had brought suit against the Wolf for destroying their homes.  As we read through each side of the stories, the students acted out the words, as well as learned the facts to support each party of the lawsuit.  After the stories were finished, the students were asked to write opening statements for the prosecution and the defense.  Since this was practice for our final trial, the students presented their opening statements in front of their classmates.

The students had a great time acting out the motions for the Three Little Pigs.  But they loved to prepare and present their own argument to support either the Pigs or the Wolf.  Anyone can be an actor, but it takes something special to be a lawyer.  I think I have a lot of little lawyers at both Rose Park and Parley’s Park!