Park City Kids’ Court

Kids’ Court Park City is a year long weekly after school program.  This program developed through a partnership with Holy Cross Ministries (HCM).  HCM is a non-profit organization run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross whose mission is to “focus on building and celebrating just, compassionate, sustainable, and inclusive communities made up of individuals who, through their life and work, contribute to the benefit of all.”[1]  The clear similarities between the mission of HCM and the mission of Kids’ Court dovetalied into a Kids’ Court program in the summer of 2010.  Piggy-backing off HCM’s daily afterschool program available to students in the middle schools and elementary schools in the Park City School District, a team of law student teachers began taking the young students through the Kids’ Court curriculum in the fall of 2010.

Like Rose Park Elementary School, HCM has undergone changes in their administration, and yet they have made it a priority to continue a weekly Kids’ Court program.  This year, Kids’ Court Park City has a small group of ten elementary school students participating.  From the law school, Law Student Coordinator Bebe Grill has recruited four law student teachers to work with these students.  The almost 2:1 ratio of young students to law students has created a unique opportunity for very focused learning and close mentoring relationships.  Stay up to date on their activities and experiences with the weekly blog updates!

Also unique to Park City is that in an effort to create a system of tiered mentoring and to maximize the benefits to the Park City community, Kids’ Court also partnered with the Latinos in Action from Park City High School last year.  Latinos in Action (LIA) “is a class/program, both in the Jr. High and High school level that inspires bilingual Latino students to utilize their language skills in supporting their school and district community and propels these students toward a career through education.”[2]  Four LIAs regularly served as teaching assistants during the 2010/2011 school year.  Kids’ Court also hosted a luncheon at the University for the entire class of LIAs (approximately twenty-five students) from Park City High School at the University in April 2011.  Bebe and Betsy, the former Law Student Coordinator, are currently working with on securing the involvement of these students for the current school year.