Lesson Plans

The Kids’ Court curriculum is broken down into three different units.  The first unit is the Foundations unit, the second is the Civic Participation unit, and third is the Lawyering Skills unit.  The three different units were designed together to achieve the goals of the Utah Core Curriculum Requirements for different aspects of 5th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts, along with the goals of Kids’ Court to get under-served students interested in higher education, to foster appreciation for the rule of law, and positive exposure to the legal system.  Each of the three units contain four or five different lesson plans that each take somewhere between 1.5 to 3 hours to complete.  The lesson plans are formatted to build off of preceding lessons, but they also contain activities and lessons that can stand alone if time or other circumstances require a less intensive program.  The individual lesson plans are comprehensive in that they include different activities, lists of teacher and student materials, methods of closure and assessment, and hand-outs, information packets, charts, worksheets and diagrams to help law student teachers more effectively teach the elementary school students.